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2 months ago by Balraj Guraya

Free CPD Courses with Envision Education

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Professional development is an investment into your career as an educator. We often think that once we finish school, our learning stops there. In order to grow in your field and develop your skills, learning is key.

Here at Envision Education, we are proud to work with TES Educare to offer our candidates a range of CPD courses suitable for Teachers as well as Support Staff.

These will allow to develop your knowledge and understanding around everything education related, giving you the confidence to deal with day-to-day situations with ease.

We have 3 packages available:

1.       General Education Sector Courses

2.       Child Protection and Safeguarding Courses

3.       SEN Courses

General Education Sector Courses

The purpose of the general courses is to help you support children and young people who may be experiencing particular issues and how you can support the individual.

Here are the list of ‘General Education Sector’ courses available:

·         A guide to UK Data Protection: Education

·         Bullying and Harassment in the Workplace

·         Child Exploitation

·         Female Genital Mutilation Awareness

·         Keeping Children Safe in Education 2023 Part 1 Questionnaire

·         Keeping Children Safe in Education 2023 Annex B Questionnaire

·         Reflective Safeguarding Practice for Schools

·         Understanding Anxiety

·         Understanding Asthma

·         Understanding Diabetes

·         Understanding Epilepsy

·         Understanding Low Mood and Depression

·         Understanding Self-Harm

·         Understanding the Role of the Safeguarding Lead


Child Protection and Safeguarding Courses

The purpose of these courses is to help raise awareness of harms, recognising signs early that may indicate a problem and how you can take action. Advanced courses will allow you to learn about the subjects of safeguarding children and young people in greater detail.

Here are the list of ‘Child Protection and Safeguarding Courses’ courses available:

·         Child Protection Advanced

·         Child Protection in Education

·         Child Protection Refresher 2023

·         Safeguarding Young People

·         The Prevent Duty


SEN Courses

With the rise of SEN particularly in mainstream schools, it is important to have a good overall understanding of common needs and how you can support students with SEN. These courses will equip you with just that!

Each course will provide you with guidance on special needs, including what they are, their prevalence and causes, how it’s diagnosed and the implications it has on the learning and development of students.

Here are the list of ‘SEN Courses’ courses available:

·         ADHD Awareness

·         Autism Awareness

·         Dyslexia Awareness

·         Safeguarding Children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

·         The SEND Code of Practice

·         Wellbeing for Children with EAL



You are able to complete these courses in your own time and will receive a certificate of completion upon finishing the course.

Through engaging in these courses, you will ensure you are continually developing your skills, knowledge and understanding of issues that can arise at schools, thus giving you the confidence to deal with specific situations.

Additionally, it shows schools you understand the importance of professional development and keeping up to date with guidelines.

Please note that you must be registered and cleared to work for us before gaining access to these courses. So if you’re looking for a role in education, please give us a call on 0203 771 1138 today.