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about 1 year ago by Adam Haggag

Unlocking career opportunities: The benefits of volunteering in schools

Female Teacher Teaching Geography With Earth Globe

As an education recruitment agency we are passionate about helping individuals build successful careers in the education sector. A great way to gain the necessary experience and stand out from the competition is through volunteering.

We’ll be highlighting the benefits of volunteering, emphasizing how it allows you to gain valuable experience and helps get your foot in the door, paving the way for a successful career in education.

1.       Gaining valuable experience

Volunteering in a school provides you with the chance to gain hands-on experience in a classroom setting. It allows you to observe and participate in various aspects of the teaching and learning process. By working closely with experienced teachers, you can learn effective classroom management techniques, assist with lesson planning and provide one-on-one support to students. This practical experience is invaluable in developing the skills and knowledge needed to grow.

2.       Working around your schedule

Volunteering in a school provides you with the flexibility to work part-time around your schedule. Many schools happily welcome volunteer support and can offer you work whenever you are available. Even working a few days a week for a couple of months can be enough for you to gain relevant experience and gain a greater understanding of what your day-to-day will look like when you move onto paid work.

The flexibility is beneficial if you have other commitments including education, childcare or part-time employment. By volunteering part-time, you can gain valuable experience while still managing any other responsibilities you may have. This arrangement allows you to build your skills and knowledge whilst maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

3.       Securing strong references

Building strong professional references is important for schools to be able to see that you have the relevant experience to carry out the demands of the job. If you do not have any references, then volunteering is definitely the way to go.

These references will attest to your work ethic, reliability and ability to support students in their learning. The relationships you build with teachers and administrators can serve as references which will increase your chances of securing long-term paid positions.

4.       Opportunities for paid work

Carrying out volunteer work at a school serves as a great stepping stone to future paid work opportunities. Gaining hands-on experience and showcasing your commitment through volunteering helps you build the foundation for a successful career in the education sector.

Schools will often prioritize candidates with relevant experience, and volunteer work gives you exactly that! It allows you to prove your capabilities and position yourself for paid work as a teaching assistant in the future.


Volunteering in a classroom offers those who wish to pursue a career in teaching many benefits. Gaining experience helps you build the foundation you need to then go on to work as a teaching assistant. Volunteer around your schedule! The opportunities you can gain by doing so are endless. Whether you’d like to become a teacher in the future or would like to work as a teaching assistant, the experience you gain will be invaluable.