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almost 2 years ago by Adam Haggag

Team Teach

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Envision Education are proud to be able to provide our Teaching assistants, LSA’s, Support Workers and Teachers with Team Teach training. The course is tailored to support candidates to deliver proven and safe strategies in a medium risk environment. It highly benefits candidates who work in settings like Special Needs School and Pupil Referral Units but it can benefit those who have an interest in this field and would like to pursue a career in these types of settings.

The course will provide a detailed information in practical behaviour management strategies. It will equip individuals with a thorough understanding of challenging behaviour, and the social and legal context around its management. It will cover strategies of personal safety, team work and de-escalation, as well as teaching effective positive handling techniques: these include guiding, escorting and safe holding in various positions.

What is involved:

It is based over two days and it is organised into 8 modules and includes a more extensive range of positive handling techniques:

Module 1 - Background to Team Teach

Module 2 - The Legal Framework

Module 3 - Understanding Aggression

Module 4 - How Feelings Drive Behaviours

Module 5 - De-escalation and De-fusion

Module 6 - Personal Safety

Module 7 - Positive Handling – including guiding, escorting and holding in standing, sitting and kneeling positions safely*

Module 8 - Repair, Reflection and Review

*The techniques delivered will be appropriate to the service settings of the group

Learning Outcomes:

Upon completing this course, the candidates will be able to fully understand the rationale and principles of the Team Teach approach.

Candidates will be fully aware of which strategies are most appropriate for any given situation, and will have a far deeper understanding of the causes of disruptive behaviour.

Candidates will understand the importance of targeted communication, both verbal and non-verbal.

How do I book?

We have limited spaces on our Team Teach course so to register your interest, email