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almost 3 years ago by Christina Weldai

Importance of Regular Communication With Your Consultant

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As it is getting closer to September, I thought this would be a good time to talk about the importance of keeping in contact with your consultant, whether that is to help us get you compliant for work in an efficient time scale, or to update us with your availability for work. Below I have listed a few reasons we believe communication is so important!

We’re here to help you

Ultimately, we are here to help our candidates and clients. We take pride in helping our candidates find the right school to work in, and helping clients find their right match to their school. This means we could be contacting you for a number of roles, and so need a clear method of communication where if we are not able to reach you, we are confident you will get back in touch with us.

The communication from our end continues even after we have found you a role, as we want to make sure you are happy in your role, so will contact you every half term or so.

Keep an eye out for our calls and emails

Although you have your personal consultant that you work with, other consultants that work within the areas you are happy to travel to will also call you regarding potential roles. Generally, we will follow up calls with emails so it is really important to respond either by calling back or replying to the email as soon as possible. The speed can make a difference to being offered a role, as you may not be the only candidate we are contacting regarding a specific role.

As we also offer day to day work, that can help get your foot in the door to a long term role, it is highly important to call us back immediately if you are still open to day to day work. If your preferences have changed, again please communicate this to us.

 Speed is key

We want every candidate to know that we are here to help you! However, we do work with a number of candidates. We have seen time and time again, that candidates that communicate well with us have been placed into schools very quickly. This is because we are able to get their checks processed quicker, and can communicate quickly with them to get them in to schools for interviews.

It is also best to save our number which is 0203 771 1138.

Keeping us up to date

We understand that you may be signed up with more than 1 employment agency with an aim to secure the perfect role, so we understand that circumstances change and you may secure a job elsewhere whilst we are trying to find you work. We request that you inform us if your circumstances change and you are no longer looking for work.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us on 0203 771 1138 or email your Personal Consultant and we will be more than happy to help!