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about 3 years ago by Hana Abdulkadir

Our Recruitment Process!

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​Applying for jobs and placing your CV on a job board often means you’re receiving dozens of calls from different recruiters who are keen on discussing different roles with you. But before committing to anything, you might have one simple question – what is the process of signing up with an agency?

We get this question asked by lots of candidates, so in this month’s blog, I’ll be running through each step of the recruitment process when you join our agency.

Initial phone interview

This is our chance to determine the main points which will let us know if we’re a good match for each other. We want to know what type of role you’re looking for and if this is something we can help you with, what your experience has been and establish your availability and job preferences. For the second half of this call, we’ll tell you a little bit about ourselves, what we offer, what we’re looking for in a prospective candidate and give you a chance to ask any questions.

Zoom interview

The Zoom interview is one of the main steps of the registration process, as this is where we go into more detail than the initial phone interview discussing your experience and your general career goals so that we can see where you best fit and know which type of job will help you get to where you need to be! We’ll have a list of roles we’ll be speaking to you about to gather your interest and get the ball rolling and go through your preferred locations. And of course, we’ll conclude with any questions you might have.


This is the part where we sort through all your documents, references and DBS checks to make sure that you’re fully compliant and ready to work! As we are an efficient agency, we aim to complete this process in less than 5 days so that you can get back into work as soon as possible. However, we can’t do this without your help. The more communication there is between the both of us, the quicker we can get you vetted and back out there into employment!


And finally, the most exciting part – work! You’ll now be able to start attending interviews and assessment days so have a feel for the different opportunities out there, and once we find you your dream job, you’ll be able to start working full-time and on a long-term basis.

Even after we’ve placed you into your role, we’re still always here for you if there’s anything you need support with!

I hope this month’s blog has provided you with an insight into Envision Education’s recruitment process (in a nutshell)!

As always, any questions, please feel free to call us on 020 3771 1138.