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over 3 years ago by Balraj Guraya

The Benefits of using a Specialist Education Recruiter to find Teaching & Non-Teaching Staff

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One of a school's many objectives is ultimately to raise standards and achieve a successful OFSTED report. It is, therefore, no surprise that schools are always looking to place emphasis on recruiting quality Teachers and Support Staff.

Whilst some schools do choose to run their own recruitment, many are now choosing to work with a recruitment agency to meet their demands for both temporary and permanent staff.

Here are a number of reasons why using a specialist teaching recruitment agency can be advantageous for you.

They have access to candidates

Unlike the applicants for your jobs, a recruitment agency will have a database of candidates already pre-screened and pre-selected. They can match up the expertise of the candidate to your job description to find a shortlist of applicants.

They can help with a wider search

When you “go it alone” and conduct your own recruitment activity, despite your best efforts at advertising, you may not be able to find the right talent for your job role.

A recruitment agency will have an extensive network of contacts who can provide leads or referrals to candidates. They will utilise different mediums of search in addition to traditional advertising posts, including the use of social media advertising to maximise exposure to job vacancies.


They understand the market

Recruitment is an industry, and when you use a specialist such as Envision Education, you are partnering with an agency who understands the requirements of schools and understands the job market, including being able to gain insight on potential salary expectations, as well as giving candidates career expectations.

Many education recruitment consultants have spent time within school settings and are also able to empathise with the job roles and requirements.

They save you time and money 

Yes, it costs money to work with a recruitment agency, but if you calculate your own costs from a time perspective in addition to advertising, creating and posting multiple job adverts and possibly employing staff in-house to undertake the task, then it is more cost-effective to work with a specialist agency. Then there is the possible cost of a “poor hire” which may result in needing to advertise the position again or paying for additional training for a new staff member.  

Over a longer period, those hiring costs can be further reduced if you work with a single agency building a relationship to enable them to have inside knowledge of your school and your aspirations for staff. This all helps to bring new staff to your school with more pace.

From a time perspective, it means no more sifting through candidate CV’s to find a suitable shortlist, no more verification of qualifications and CRB checks, no more administration issues such as feeding back to successful and unsuccessful candidates or scheduling rounds of interviews. You don’t realise how much time (both school time and personal time) is lost in doing all of this until you work with a dedicated agency.


So why not give it a go?

When you deal with a specialist recruitment agency such as Envision Education, you will find that we are as passionate as you are about giving children the very best possible start in life through their learning experience, which is why we are always looking out for the highest calibre of teaching staff. We want to understand your requirements to find those staff and make your life easier because we understand that your day job is hard enough without taking on a recruitment job yourself as well.