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almost 4 years ago by Hana Abdulkadir

Overcoming 'September Blues'

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Our summer holidays are coming to an end and we’re getting ready to go back to work or school – and this can be a rather unsettling thought. Ever heard of “September Anxiety?” It might be what you’re feeling if you’ve experienced feelings of anxiousness thinking about September. In my blog this month, I’ll offer some insightful ways to overcome negative thoughts associated with the new academic year and how you can gain a fresh and positive perspective!

What causes ‘September Anxiety’?

September Anxiety, or the September Blues, can be brought about by a number of different factors all sharing the same feeling: fear. It could be the fear of having to readjust to working patterns, or for many who are in Education, it might mean it’s time to put your head down an get into your books.

It can also be quite scary for those who are still looking for jobs for the new academic year. Of course, knowing that your relaxation time is coming to an end and the start of a busy, hardworking year is quickly approaching, can definitely trigger some elements of depression or just general unease. But, as one of our core values here at Envision Education is positivity, here’s a few things to look forward to in September:

Why September is an exciting month?

Regaining structure and routine:

After almost half of our year spent indoors, I for one am very excited to restore some structure in my life. With schools reopening, children going back to seeing their friends and favourite Teachers, many people going back to work, and many are returning, or starting university, it’s great to feel like life’s somewhat normal again. Having structure in your days will help keep you busy as well as gain more control in your daily life. So it’s definitely going to be great to get back to being the leader of your life, rather than being controlled by the restrictions of this pandemic.

New Year’s resolution do over

September is great because it’s almost like having a second New Year. First set of New Year’s Resolutions not go to plan? You can start again! Or maybe even form new resolutions. It’s the perfect time to drop any bad habits and start afresh. So September isn’t all bad!

Exciting time to start something new

You might be entering your first year of university which is a super exciting time. Or you could be starting a new job? This is your chance to upgrade your life and start fresh with a new perspective. If you’re not going to university, or starting a new job, try something else new! Find a new hobby, or join a new club. There’s lots to look forward to with new beginnings.

Hello autumn!

The air’s getting a little cooler and seeing the sun gradually disappear can be upsetting, but it’s not all bad. Autumn’s, arguably, the most beautiful season this country sees. The leaves start to brown, we’re not completely suffocated with the 36 degrees weather
we’ve had this year but we’re still getting a bit of sunshine! What better welcome to a new academic year?


This year’s September is particularly special as it marks the first official month since the pandemic where almost everything is completely back to normal. So let’s make the most out of this month and try to focus on the positive things that make you happy!