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almost 2 years ago by Balraj Guraya

Free CPD Courses with Envision Education

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What Are They and Why Are They Important

There are a number of CPD courses that can help you in your development whilst working in a school. At Envision Education, we are very excited to be offering 14 CPD courses absolutely free of charge when you register with us for work (normally they are £144.50 if you purchased them separately).

These courses will enable you to learn more about policies and procedures within UK schools, help with your professional development, and you will also become more ‘employable’ with the schools that we work with.

Please note, we offer these courses once you are registered with us for work and once all of your vetting checks are completed with us.

Child Protection in Education

The purpose of this course is to help raise awareness of abuse, neglect and other harms, recognise early signs that might indicate a problem, and how to take appropriate action.

Child Protection Advanced

This course is for anyone who has previously completed a foundation child protection programme and wants to learn about the subject of safeguarding children and young people in greater detail

Reflective Safeguarding for Schools

Reflective practice allows you to recognise and reflect on your experiences in order to learn from them and improve the way you work. This course uses scenarios for you to reflect on, thinking about actions that fit the policies for your own school. It will also encourage you to consider the safeguarding and child protection support services available.

Child Protection Refresher

This course is for those who had already completed the Child Protection course and need a little refresher. It allows you to stay up to date without having to do the initial course again.

Bullying and Harassment in the Workplace

Bullying does not only affect children and young people; it can also be a very real concern in the workplace. The aim of this course is to raise awareness of the issue by including scenarios to show the impact of bullying and harassment on individuals and organisations. It gives practical suggestions for creating a friendly and inclusive workplace where bullying and harassment are not tolerated.

Understanding anxiety

The purpose of this course is to help you support children and young people who may be experiencing anxiety.

Female Genital Mutilation Awareness

The aim with this course is to help you understand the risks and consequences of FGM, and how to act if they suspect a girl is in danger.

Understanding Self Harm

The purpose of this course is to help you understand what self-harm is, why someone self-harms and how to support the individual.

The Prevent Duty

This course helps to build your awareness and knowledge of what extremism and radicalization are, how people may be drawn in terrorism and what you should do if you have a concern.

A Practical Guide to GDPR for Education

This course outlines key elements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in an education setting.

Safeguarding Young People

This course provides a thorough understanding on safeguarding young people, and helps you to identify who may be vulnerable.

Child Exploitation

Child exploitation is a form of abuse which can involve sexual, abusive or manipulative behaviour. This course will help you understand the signs of abuse and what to do if you are worried about a child.

Understanding Asthma

This course covers what asthma is, information on symptoms and the different treatments available including procedures for emergency medication. Course developed in partnership with SAPHNA.

Understanding Epilepsy

This course will help you to understand epilepsy, a lifelong condition that affects around 600,000 people in the UK. Course developed in partnership with SAPHNA.


You are able to complete the courses online in your own time, and will receive a certificate upon completion of each course.

Through engaging in these courses, you will ensure that you are continually improving your skills, and showing the school that you understand the importance of keeping up to date in terms of relevant guidelines and how best to protect and nurture the students. Not only will completing the CPD courses show a commitment to your own development, it will look great on your CV!

If you are already registered with Envision Education, or seeking a position within a school and interested in these courses, please get in contact with us on 0203 771 1138 or register your CV on our website