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almost 4 years ago by Hana Abdulkadir

Our Tips on Staying Positive Through 2020

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​Three and a half months after the nationwide lockdown began and we’re all yearning for some normality! Whilst these have been uncertain and quite scary times, let’s take a moment to look at the silver lining. For a lot of people, this has been a time to be with family, for others this is a time to self-reflect and find new hobbies, and for a lot of people, this has been a time where your work environment and your home space have merged into one! But nevertheless, it’s important to try to re frame our thoughts and keep a healthy mental state through all of the chaos.

In this blog, you’ll see our 5 tips to stay positive – and remember, if we’ve made it through 2020, we’ve made history!

Start your day with positive affirmations

This might sound silly, but vocalize, or write down, positive aspects of your life. This can be as small as telling yourself 3 things you like about yourself, or speaking your goals into existence. For example, “I know I can achieve anything that I set my mind to”. Or even things you are grateful for, like being around people who love you, or seeing a bit of sun! Speaking positively is powerful as it helps you overcome negative thoughts and maintain a healthy, worry-free mind. What you write, or say out loud, is completely up to you, but the main aim is to remind yourself of the things that are going right in your life.

Wake up early!

Even if this means waking up 30 mins earlier than you usually do, do it. Spend that extra 30 mins reading a book, doing some yoga, or doing a home /outdoors workout or even tidy up your house. By taking a little bit of extra time before your work day actually starts will mentally prepare you for the day, and more often than not, it will be much more productive. Not to mention, you’ll finish up with your day earlier which means more ‘you-time’ – which leads me to the next point…

Treat yourself

It is important to treat yourself every so often. Put on a face-mask, put your feet up and read that book you forgot about on your shelf. Or order some pizza for you and your family and put on Netflix. Take up that hobby that have put off for some time. Enjoy your own space and take time out to relax!


Your body is your temple! Staying positive might be a mental thing, but our physical behaviour directly impacts the state of our mind. Keep active and sweat out all the negativity. Although gyms might be closed, the outdoors is open (and free). Create your favourite playlist and go for a jog, or follow a workout routine by Joe, The Body Coach. You owe it to yourself and your body to stay healthy and happy.

What are you excited about?

This one might be one of my favorites. It’s Wednesday, you’ve still got 2 days left until the weekend and you need some motivation. Write down what you are looking forward to! I have it on a whiteboard on my wall which helps me get through the week. Have you got a birthday coming up? Or maybe you’ve done some online shopping which is arriving this week. Write them down. Anything that makes you happier, write it down. Being able to visualize things like this are so important as they help your brain get back on track to keeping positive, so give it a go.

It's important to remember that these challenging times will pass, just as other epidemics over the centuries have, so keep positive and look forward to the future!

I hope this helps! Remember, our brain is our most powerful tool so treat it with care!