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Trainee Resourcing Consultant


Trainee Resourcing Consultant


​About Hani:

​Hani is a recent university graduate with a Msc in Forensic Accounting. She initially studied psychology but was mainly interested in the forensic sector. Her past role in retail made her fall in love with forming relationships and getting to know and understanding people from different backgrounds. This in turn made her land her first job as a resourcer. She is very excited to be the individual that bridges the gap between an individual and a job, especially in the education sector as there are so many great roles out there and many people who love working with children.

Q & A

Favourite food

Lasagne / Wings

Favourite movie/TV show

Criminal Minds

Favourite countries visited 

Morocco and Cyprus as they were very relaxing and had a rich culture

Interesting fact

She is currently learning to code and has a travel bucket list to tick off



Pet hates