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Recruitment Consultant


Recruitment Consultant


​About Arslan:

Arslan graduated from Middlesex University with a BA (Hons) in Business Management in 2022. With a passion for assisting people he begins his long term career in educational recruitment. Arslan is an avid traveller and wants to explore as many countries as he can, he especially loves hikes and recently climbed Mount Snowdon. Arslan also enjoys sports such as football and plays weekly matches with his friends. With a passion for Education Recruitment, Arslan is prepared to provide an outstanding educational journey for both students and educators alike.

Q & A

Favourite food

Chicken & rice

Favourite movie/TV show

The Office

Favourite countries visited 

Italy & Iceland

Interesting fact

Stayed in a RV for 5 days during his time in Iceland and climbed a glacier


Hikes, Football and Badminton

Pet hates 

Getting stuck in traffic