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5 months ago by Adam Haggag

Supporting Teacher Wellbeing: Strategies to Combat Burnout and Attract Top Talent

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​From the outside, a vibrant space with engaged learning and laughter. But on the inside, burnout and staff shortages. This is the reality for schools across the country. School leaders are struggling to retain staff as a result of numerous factors, including funding cuts, a lack of qualified teachers, etc. And although it may be difficult to find any positives, it is necessary to try and find solutions.

With all that’s going on, the key lies in fostering a school environment that prioritises wellbeing. Teachers who feel supported and valued are happy teachers. But how can you cultivate such an environment? Keep reading…

How to foster a positive environment for educators

Build a culture of support

Collaboration is key. Encourage teamwork and mentoring, and have members bounce ideas off each other. By building a community, you ensure teachers do not feel alone in their struggles.

Make sure you’re prioritising open communication. As a school leader, it’s no surprise you have a busy schedule. Where possible, find time and check in with teachers, or set up regular catch-ups. Create a safe space for teachers to share any concerns and ideas they may have.

Finally, encourage a work-life balance. As we all know, teachers are always working. Whether it’s marking papers after school or planning upcoming lessons, they’re ‘always on’. Work together to find ways of minimising work outside of school. However that may be, find what works for you and stick to it.

Prioritising wellbeing as a teacher can often seem like an impossible task. As a Senior Leader, work alongside them to support them as much as possible. It goes a long way!

Encourage growth and development

Invest in professional development for your educators. Provide them with access to courses, workshops and training that aligns with both the needs of the school as well as the individual. Professional development fosters growth and provides educators with new tips, tricks and ideas they can implement into their teaching. Watch them return from their training with a passion for enhancing student learning!

Looking for resources for effective professional development for educators? Click this link here!

As technology advances, so do the tools we have in our possession. Recent figures show that the amount of teachers experiencing burnout has increased from 51% in October 2018 to 70% in November 2023.

To combat this, it is crucial to lean into AI tools to streamline certain tasks. In the past year, tools like ChatGPT have been looked at negatively, but there are so many ways they can be used, particularly as support tools.

For teachers and support staff, it can help generate ideas, lesson plans and even streamline processes such as marking. By automating tasks, the time to complete them drastically reduces. This in turn reduces burnout, as a large majority of teachers currently take work home to complete in time.

Review your recruitment and retention strategy

First things first, showcase the culture at your school. Your website, social media and any recruitment material should show a positive and thriving environment.

A quote that signifies the importance of this is: “Your website is your only sales tool (or person) that works 24/7”.

Invest in your website. Ensure it showcases who you are, your values, your aims… Highlight the opportunities as well as the benefits of working there, which brings us to the next point: create an attractive benefits package.

Assistance programmes, childcare vouchers, computer schemes. Think of what teachers and support staff need, and offer it. It is easy to overlook the value these can bring, but this is what can separate you from other schools.

You may also want to consider less traditional recruitment strategies. For example, you can outsource to a recruitment agency, like ourselves.

There are a variety of benefits to this:

·         You save time and resources

·         Comprehensive compliance checks

·         Temp-to-Perm

Click this link to read more about why you should outsource your recruitment.


Remember, supporting teacher wellbeing is an investment for your school’s success. By prioritising growth and care, you build a positive environment which will not only help you retain staff but also attract new talent.


Looking to save time by outsourcing your recruitment? Give us a call on 0203 771 1138. We’ll take care of your recruitment, so you can focus on building a thriving school environment.