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about 1 year ago by Adam Haggag

Why Schools should start thinking about September staffing now

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As the school year draws to a close and summer break approaches, it’s essential for educational institutions to start thinking about September staffing. The success of any school lies in its dedicated and skilled staff, and by taking proactive measures in the hiring process, schools can ensure a smooth transition into the new academic year. Let’s explore why it’s crucial to begin this process now.

1.       Beat the competition

Competition for talented educators is fierce, and the best candidates are often snatched up quickly. By starting your staffing planning now, you can get a head start on your competitors. Working with an education recruitment agency can give you access to a pool of qualified professionals who are actively seeking employment. This way, you can stay ahead of the curve and secure the most suitable candidate for your school before others have a chance to snap them up.

2.       Smooth onboarding process

Starting the recruitment process early allows for a seamless onboarding and training experience for new staff members. They can be provided with the necessary time and resources to familiarize themselves with the school’s curriculum, policies and procedures.

Additionally, it gives you an opportunity to plan and schedule professional development activities to further enhance their skills. By investing in their growth from the beginning, you promote a culture of continuous improvement.

3.       Address unique needs

Every school has its unique needs. Whether this is a focus on mainstream or special education support, starting the staffing process early ensure schools attract and identify educators with the specific skills and experience needed to succeed and fulfill the unique requirements.

By aligning the skills of these educators with the objectives of your school, you can provided students with a tailored learning experience.

4.       Budget allocation

Planning ahead for September staffing allows schools to budget effectively and allocate their resources accordingly. Starting early means you can assess your financial situation, determine the positions you need to fill and allocate resources for onboarding, training and more.

This approach will help you make informed decisions and ensure you have the necessary funds to meet your staffing needs effectively.


As the saying goes, “failing to plan is planning to fail”. By initiating your September staffing now, you demonstrate a commitment to the success and growth of your school. Working with an education recruitment agency can provide you with the support and expertise needed to attract, select and retain the best educators for your institution. By investing both time and effort into this process, you set the foundation for a great learning environment where both staff and students can thrive.

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