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over 1 year ago by Adam Haggag

What do teaching staff look for in a school?

Happy teacher with her students in the background

Often times the focus is always on whether the candidate is a good fit for a school rather than whether or not the environment of a certain school aligns with their goals and what they are looking to gain from their time there.

There are certain aspects of a school which will attract teaching staff. These include things such as the support they receive, career progression, opportunities for growth and more. Below we’ll go into more detail regarding these aspects and just how important they are for people looking to work in a school setting.


The first few years working in a school can be a challenge, whether you’re a teacher, teaching assistant or other member of staff. You may have to work with more challenging students, less desirable lessons, etc…

This is where a good network of people around you comes in handy. With the first few years being the hardest, support goes a very long way, particularly from those who have previously been in the same situation. Good support often comes from a positive learning environment, where everyone, from teachers to students, are aware of the basic expectations.

So one thing to ensure as a school is that everyone understands what is expected of them and are able to ask for help and advice from others, in order to grow and become better.

Opportunities to grow & learn

Another thing staff members will look for in a school is an environment where they are able to develop and build on their current skills. A place where you can discuss teaching, learn from others and share ideas, is a great environment for staff. Peer-to-peer collaboration gives people a chance to learn as well as relieve some stress due to the job.

A mentorship program can be very useful for teaching staff and useful for the school in the long run. By doing so you are investing in the quality of staff at the school. If something such as a mentorship program is not viable, setting time apart for new teachers to observe how the veterans teach can be a great alternative.

Additionally, offering staff access to CPD (Continuous Professional Development) courses will help them build their skills in specific areas and aspects of working within a school.

Accessible Leadership

School leaders are very busy running the school so it is understandable that they may not always have the time to deal with any staff queries or concerns.

Whenever members of staff have any concerns they’d like to raise, the school leader is often the most appropriate point of contact. Some may decide to brush off these issues as they are busy and do not have the time to deal with everything.

The leaders that don’t however, and take the time to listen to staff voicing their concerns are highly valued and respected. It also shows that they care about their team, which motivates them to perform better and work even harder.

The human touch

Teaching is a demanding job with many highs and lows. One day it could be great and the next you may be feeling frustrated. This is normal.

What makes a difference in the lives of teaching staff and what allows them to keep moving forward are the little things. That’s what stays with them and what they remember whenever they are struggling.

The kindness, respect and empathy of others amongst other things is what keeps them going. The interactions which may not seem like much at first glance but mean the world to someone.


These are just some of the things candidates look for in the school they decide to work at. Remember teaching is not an easy job. It can be difficult and demoralizing.

But you can make it just that bit better by doing the little things, because that’s what counts.