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almost 3 years ago by Hana Abdulkadir

Let's Hear From Our Wonderful Candidates!

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Envision Education loves putting smiles on our candidates faces, and there’s no better feeling than getting it right when it comes to finding a job! We like to think we’ve done a pretty good job at finding candidates their perfect role, but don’t take it from us – you should hear it from some of our candidates themselves.

With hundreds of agencies out there, it’s not always easy to know which might be the best for you, so reviews are always a reliable way to find out more about a recruitment agency before joining them. So, in this month’s blog, I’ll be doing less of the talking and handing the floor over to some of our valued candidates we have placed recently who can share their experience with Envision Education.


“Envision Education are extremely helpful, professional and understanding! I worked with Hana and Halima... Halima was very helpful with my vetting process and lovely to speak to over the phone. Hana is a gem! Hana listened to what my preferences were and then offered me great roles accordingly! She organised so many opportunities i.e. trial days and interviews to ensure my success, checking in on me regularly whilst offering me tools and advice of what my next steps should be and always being very informative!
Thank you!”


“Envision Education have been great in finding me work especially Christina who has been extremely helpful and professional throughout the process.

I managed to secure a job within a couple weeks of joining Envision and therefore would describe Envision as a premium recruitment service.”


“The level of support and teamwork this agency brings surprises me. It is nurturing and exciting to see what they would do for their staff members. Hana and Halima were both wonderful ensuring I had all my documents right and Balraj had done a marvelous job by getting me out of my comfort zone and to aim high. I will be starting work in September and I cannot be more thankful for the team. This team really knows how to satisfy their employees as if they can read their minds. Thank you so much and I cannot wait to start my new job. Envision is truly shaping the future's vision :)”


“I love the staff . Hana and Christina have been very helpful, although they are professional they seem like my friends. They are very understanding, especially with the COVID situation we are all experiencing. What I have noticed, they pinpoint what your good at and direct you in the right working environment. I am currently working in the SEN Education, until my permanent job starts which they secured. My first interview where I landed the job. They got that so right on my experience. Thank you Girls!! Keep up the good work.”

There’s plenty more great reviews you can find by searching us on Google & Facebook! I hope that these have given you a small insight into our culture here at Envision Education and we can’t wait to hear from you!

Please contact us on 0203 771 1138 if you would like help in securing your dream job in a school local to you!