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over 3 years ago by Christina Weldai

Tips for Online Teaching

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During these unprecedented times, we are all having to adjust and adapt to new ways of navigating through life. Although teaching online may not be a long term commitment, there are chances that some remnant of online teaching will remain once schools re-open.

Here are some top tips we have put together, that may help to not only support you in adapting your teaching style, but ensures students are given the best opportunity to thrive whilst learning from home.

  • Speak to colleagues and management and ask what has worked well for them.

  • Remain consistent with lessons – this will benefit you, the same as it would in a normal classroom.

  • Keep your camera on, but also share your screen whilst going through important material to increase engagement from students. This might also help them to stay focused on you.

  • Record the sessions so that you can go back if needed. This also allows students to use the recording to recap parts where they may be struggling. Providing parents with access may help to gain a better understanding of what is being taught and how they can help from home.

  • Break up the teaching into manageable sections. Having to sit and concentrate on a screen may not be easy, especially when doing so from home. Breaking up the material can help to keep engagement up during lessons.

  • Provide small quizzes online to keep it fun and involve everyone. There are a number of sites that are free to use. Additionally, this could help you to pin point the areas your students are struggling in.

  • Ask for feedback from parents and students. Doing this on a weekly basis can help to ensure your students are reflecting on the teaching provided and will help you to strengthen your teaching skills.

At the end of the day, remember that this is new for everyone and we are all here to learn together! If you have any additional tips that you feel have been working well for you, please email them to so we can share them and ultimately help to support students.