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Senior Resourcing Consultant


Senior Resourcing Consultant


About Sugesh

Sugesh graduated from Heriot-Watt University with a BA (Hons) in Business Management in 2020, and has taken a very keen interest in recruitment since then. Sugesh is responsible for sourcing and interviewing candidates, and working with the team to ensure they are placed into a job as quickly and efficiently as possible. Sugesh enjoys many different sports such as football and F1, as well as having a keen interest in gaming and shows on Netflix. With a growing interest in the Education sector, Sugesh takes pride in helping candidates find their dream job!

​If you are a job seeker looking for work in a primary, secondary or SEN school London area, please contact Sugesh on 0203 771 1138.


Q & A

Favourite food


Favourite movie/TV show

Friends, Brooklyn 99

Favourite countries visited 


Interesting fact

Won the 1500m race in Year 7


Sports, Gaming and Sleeping

Pet hates 

Crowded places, Traffic and Fireworks