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Recruitment Consultant


Recruitment Consultant


​About Laura:

Laura was thrilled to join us recently and is having a great time learning the ropes and getting to know her clients and candidates. Before joining the team here, Laura satisfied her inner travel bug by moving to South Korea and Singapore to work as an English Teacher and than later worked in the travel industry back in the UK selling long haul luxury holidays. When Laura is not working, she enjoys painting, reading and writing. Laura's guilty pleasure is binge watching reality TV shows!

Laura is responsible for supporting job seekers and schools within the London boroughs of Brent and Harrow and hopes to provide an excellent service to her customers.

If you are a job seeker looking for work in a primary, secondary or SEN school in the North West London area, please contact Laura on 0203 771 1138.

Q & A

Favourite food


Favourite movie/TV show


Favourite countries visited 

Australia & New Zealand

Interesting fact

Once broke down whilst driving in the Australian Outback, her fiance then decided to use that time to propose to her!


Podcasts, books and spontaneous outings

Pet hates 

Rudeness, people chewing with their mouth open!