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Recruitment Consultant


Recruitment Consultant


About Hana:

The youngest of the bunch, Hana joined the team in 2019 shortly after graduating from The University of Manchester with a BA (Hons) in Politics. Hana is responsible for looking after job seekers and schools within the London boroughs of Hounslow and Richmond. Hana enjoys indulging in all things creative - from makeup and drawing,to writing and cooking. With a growing interest in the Education sector, Hana takes pride in helping her candidates find their dream job.

Hana is an anime fan, loves travelling and hopes she can visit Japan very soon!

​If you are a job seeker looking for work in a primary, secondary or SEN school in the West London area, please contact Hana on 0203 771 1138.

Q & A

Favourite food


Favourite movie/TV show

New Girl

Favourite countries visited 


Interesting fact

I'm left handed


Podcasts, books and spontaneous outings

Pet hates 

Anything slow – slow drivers, slow walkers and slow computers!